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Cosplay Feature: Daisy_Cosplay – Part Of Your World, Cosplay4Ocean Project

Hey, you. Yes, you the one whose scrolling aimlessly in your feed. Come here for a second and listen up. It's time to talk about an important issue: Saving our Oceans.

“According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. produces 32 million tons of plastic waste per year. These plastics end up in landfills, waterways and our oceans. Everybody talks about how bad plastic pollution is, but not everyone realized the impact that plastics have on marine ecosystems. Around 270,000 tons of plastic are floating on the surface of the oceans and according to a recent study from Plymouth University, plastic pollution affects 700 marine species and at least 100 million marine mammals are killed each year from plastic pollution. Researchers believe that plastic plays a role in rising rates of species extinction. The most affected groups are Fish, Marine Mammals, Sea Turtle, Sea Lions and Sea Birds. The single-use of millions of tons of plastic is unsustainable. Around 52% of the wildlife disappeared in the past 40 years, and if we continue to dump plastic into the world’s oceans, this number is set to increase exponentially. The ocean can’t wait for long term solutions, and we need to act now. Plastic production is expected to increase in the next years, but we can do something. We are to blame for plastic pollution, but we are the ones who have the power to stop this. If you want to contribute to protect marine animals and ecosystems, you need to decrease your personal plastic consumption. Many companies developed and marketed alternatives and eco-friendly substitutes, such as reusable bags, bamboo straws and toothbrushes, algae/edible cutlery. Moreover, a correct waste management improves not only ocean health, but also public health, by preventing the spread of diseases and food chain contamination.
That’s why we need to support organizations who work everyday to keep cleaner our oceans.
So please, take a look to Ocean Conservancy Trash-free Seas program on their site and help them donating through the link in my bio.” -Daisy_Cosplay

Our very first feature for The Social Hobbit. I wanted to share this post from Daisy_Cosplay on Instagram. She is a very talented cosplayer from Italy and is an advocate for environmental issues.

In this post, she portrays a beautiful, yet heartbreaking Ariel covered in what we sadly see today in our oceans: plastic waste, oil pollution, and many other harmful things. This post brings a message as well. We need to rise up and protect our marine life and our oceans. We only have one ocean, one planet. This is our home and we need to start saving it.

I know that many of you may feel like you are just one person, that you are unable to make a change. But use your passion like Daisy_Cosplay has used hers. Whether it may be writing, cosplay, art, animation. Anything you love. Use it to make a change. Use it to make your voice heard.

All it takes is one little ripple to make a big wave. The question is, are you willing to throw that first pebble?

To find out more about the cause Daisy_Cosplay is fighting for and to see her beautiful, stunning, and heartbreaking cosplay of Ariel, check out her post on Instagram Here and follow her story. The work she has put into this cause and this photo shoot is simply stunning and really brings this issue to light. So please, help me and Daisy to protect our earth and oceans. They’re the only ones we got.


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