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The Incredibles 2: Why It Is So Incredible

An in depth discussion on The Incredibles 2. The good, the bad, and the baby.

We’ve been waiting for years for this movie and it’s finally here. The Incredibles 2. Fans of all ages love the first movie, so imagine the delight when it’s brought to our attention that we finally–and I do mean finally, it’s been 14 years people–get the second movie. In my previous article, I gave a brief overview of the movie and my thoughts on it. Now, it’s time to get to the meat of it, the good moments, the bad moments, and the ugly ones too. (Total brownie points for those who get the reference.)

*Warning Spoilers ahead…Read at your own risk.

Jack-Jack the wonder baby.

In The Incredibles 2 we finally get to see little Jack-Jack’s power–or shall I say, powers bloom. And boy, oh boy do they bloom. From multiplying into a dozen or more Jack-Jacks, teleporting to the next dimension, laser eyes, and of course going full demon baby and setting himself on fire. It’s no doubt that this little baby has a rather “Incredible” future ahead of him.

Throughout the movie we see this little guys abilities and the trouble he gets him, his dad, Dash, and Violet into. Especially when they first find out he has powers when Jack-Jack decides to pick a fight with a raccoon. A raccoon! I was laughing until my sides hurt with this particular scene. In all of my years of watching movies, I never thought I’d see the day where a baby would do the following: Shoot lasers through his eyes trying to knock the poor creature off his perch, get into a wrestling match with said creature, and go full on demon baby and nearly make BBQ raccoon.

Jack-Jack vs. Raccoon wasn’t the only entertaining scene though, the fact that “The” Edna Mode was willing to babysit him and practically turned his suit into a personal Jack-Jack power controller was in itself genius.

The “coolest” superhero

Ever since he premiered with that signature line between him and his wife Honey, Frozone, played by the amazing man himself: Samuel L. Jackson, quickly became a fan favorite in the movie. In The Incredibles 2 I’m happy to say he has more of role! From doing his best to stop the Underminer (more on him later) in his tracks, to helping Bob find cute little Jack-Jack as he pops around the house, to even making a gigantic wall of ice so the cruise ship doesn’t go careening into the city. Frozone is everywhere in this movie.

Now, what exactly makes Frozone so popular? So popular enough that fans are wanting him to have his own movie? Is it because he is played by a freaking awesome actor, that he has cool ice powers, or that every line he says and scene that he is in just makes you want to get up and yell “Yea! Go Lucious! Go Frozone!” Who knows? But he’s a fan favorite and I don’t think he’s going anywhere anytime soon.

The fault in our heroes.

As much as I hate to say it, every great movie has its faults. The Incredibles 2 is no exception. Let’s start with the first one. Underminer. I appreciate that they brought this guy back from the first movie, but they let him get away! Yes, it was a good show for the family’s first fight together, but where in the world did he go after? Not even Elasti-Girl got the chance to settle the score with him when she was the prime superhero. He just went poof. The money he stole went poof. Everything…poof.

Speaking of Elasti-Girl, she was awesome, it was great that she got to be out front as the main Super. But, I don’t know if it was just me, but I could tell who was ScreenSlaver a mile away. The second Evelyn Deaver starts talking about her problem with how people are too attached to tech and her issues with her father’s death, you can see it is her easily. Granted, this is a kids movie, but I, personally wished that they did something similar to how they showed us who Syndrome was.

At the end of things…

To wrap things up, The Incredibles 2 was an amazing movie. Well worth the wait too. From Jack-Jack’s antics, to Frozone’s awesomeness, even the adorable scenes we get to see when Bob takes on the roll of a stay at home father while Elasti-Girl goes and kicks butt. No matter if it has a few blips, (I’m convinced that Underminer drilled himself into another dimension) if you’re a die hard fan, or just a regular one, this movie hit a home run.

If I missed any points or you want to nerd out with me, be sure to leave a comment!


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