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Microscopic Heroes: Ant Man and The Wasp Review

An "Ant-mazing" movie review of a movie of microscopic proportions. Click this article to read a review on the newest Marvel movie.

Finally, and I do mean finally Marvel gives us another Ant Man movie. Not only that, but they include the much awaited female super hero: The Wasp. Now, this movie was not only a long time awaited, but ever since Infinity War fans must have been wondering: “Okay, shit is going down with Thanos. Uh, where is our boy Ant Man?” This movie answers that. (I’m just not gonna give away what happened or what he was doing when the half of the world went poof. Sorry guys.)

Ever since the first movie, Ant Man became a fan favorite. I mean, the guy can shrink down to a microscopic size and grow to the size of a skyscraper. And he can control the ants around him! If that’s not cool I don’t know what is. With Ant Man and The Wasp we finally get to see what’s been happening after the fallout with Cap’n and Iron Man. Poor Ant Man, just because he decided to side with the captain he got put under house arrest.

Everything seems like it’s going just fine, he opened up a new business with his pals, he has a better relationship with his daughter and ex, everything seems to be normal yes? Hah, just you wait. After taking a nap in the tub, Ant Man is thrown back into the life he thought he could no longer go back to.

My Opinion.

I highly recommend seeing this movie. I may be a bit biased because I’m a complete Marvel fan girl and I’ve been waiting forever for a movie with The Wasp, but this movie is seriously amazing. You not only get to see more Ant Man powers, but we get a very bad ass look into our heroine The Wasp. This is a movie of microscopic and gigantic proportions. (Had to put in the pun, sorry not sorry.)

It may start out slow at the beginning, but it picks up. And fast. Not to mention we get that classic Marvel comedy constantly thrown in. Also…the ending. I can only say this. I hate Thanos. A lot.

So, if I were you, I’d pick up a ticket to go see this “Bugtacular” movie. You won’t regret it.


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