It Only Took “One Punch” – One Punch Man’s Most Memorable Villains

We all know the story behind him and his disciple/friend Genos, but have we ever stopped to think about some of the villains that he has fought? I know there were quite a few that left unforgettable memories in my mind. Let’s take a look at some of them today shall we?

One Punch! Yes, when any anime fan hears that starting line, we all want to get up and start singing along to the opening. One Punch Man is no doubt a highly entertaining anime series that made me laugh, and at times think “What the heck am I watching?” The story is simple. Saitama, a self made hero goes about living his daily life being practically bored out of his mind. Why is it that? It’s because he can destroy any–and I do mean any villain he comes across with literally one punch.

We all know the story behind him and his disciple/friend Genos, but have we ever stopped to think about some of the villains that he has fought? I know there were quite a few that left unforgettable memories in my mind. Let’s take a look at some of them today shall we?

The queen of bugs: Mosquito Girl.


Ah yes, Mosquito Girl. One of the most interesting–and slightly disgusting, fights that comes up at the beginning of the story. It all starts of with a calm day, like any other day. Saitama is chilling in his apartment, cooling off on a warm day, completely oblivious to what is happening outside.

What exactly is going on? A giant humanoid female mosquito is sucking the blood out of every living creature she comes across and turning them to dust with her horde of mosquitoes that’s what. And no one seems to be able to stop her. Not even Genos. The half human, half android. Not even Genos! We see the poor guy become a plaything for Mosquito Girl. She slaps him around, practically tear him to pieces and nearly kill the poor guy.

When all hope seems lost, and it seems like the human race is going to become a delicious little snack for our villainess, she finally gets what is coming to her and gets eliminated by, you guessed it: Saitama. His reason for finally stepping in? He had a nasty run in a couple minutes before with a mosquito he couldn’t seem to kill. To top it off, his last line makes this fight completely hilarious: “Got ‘em.”

Speedy-mc Runaway: Speed ‘o Sonic.


Well, the heading surely doesn’t lie. He does in fact runaway from every fight he ever gets in. Then again, if he didn’t he would be, well, less speedy and more dead-y. This guy has a major bone to pick with our hero. Ever since they met with their first fight Sonic has basically declared himself Saitama’s rival. Then again, it does make sense seeing that in their first fight Saitama punched him, where the ahem sun does not shine.

Speed ‘o Sonic does indeed have his merits though. Even if he was originally a bodyguard to a very bad villain, aside from trying to kill One Punch Man at every turn, he has teamed up with him (sort of) and tried his best (before he ran off again) to help out with a few major villains. Which brings me to our next villain.

Under the sea: The Sea King.


The Sea Monster Arc. Probably one of my favorite arcs in the anime so far. Saitama comes face to face with, in my opinion, one of the most egotistical villains I have ever seen. The Sea King’s ego could probably give Vegeta a run for his money. And that is saying something.

The Sea King’s main goal is to conquer both land and sea. He is willing to do absolutely anything to get what he wants. After exchanging punches with Speed ‘o Sonic, (and Sonic running off before he gets killed) Saitama gets involved. Only because Sonic runs off though. This fight actually surprisingly took more time than you would think. But, then again Sea King had two forms. One of which was activated after it rained–making Sonic tuck tail. Like always though, our favorite hero only needed one punch to send this egotistical jerk flying.

An actual match for our hero? Lord Boros.


Last, but not least we have Lord Boros. Who knew Saitama would actually get his wish of finding someone that could give him a decent fight? And ironically, Lord Boros was looking for the same thing. Lord Boros came from a planet where he was the strongest fighter among his people, so he grew bored. This led him to start a conquest of destroying other planets to find a fighter that could match him, but to no avail. Until, he arrives on Earth.

When Saitama arrives, he quickly dispatches Boros’s entire crew and when he comes to his throne room, Boros tries to congratulate Saitama and explain his story, but all he gets in return is a punch to the gut and broken armor. Thus, begins their fight.

Saitama and Lord Boros exchange punch for punch, and for once, it actually seems like Lord Boros is giving Saitama a run for his money. He even sends him to the moon with one of his punches. The moon! But, once Saitama returns, he delivers a final fatal blow killing Boros once and for all.

At the end of things, no matter how quickly Saitama finishes off the villains of the anime, each one always provides an interesting–and sometime grotesque fight. What was some of your favorite villain fights? Do you think that Saitama will ever be beaten? Who knows, for now though, his fights will always just take “One punch.”



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