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Protect What’s Under The Sea!

Under the sea! Everything is better, down where it's wetter, Under the Sea! Take a look at another ocean movement that I found. We have one ocean, we need to protect it!

Under the sea! Under the sea! Everything is better, down where it’s wetter, under the sea! All of you should know these lyrics. (Those of you who don’t, I’m sorry but you my friend, had no childhood) They are the lyrics of one of The Little Mermaids most well known songs in the entire movie: “Under the Sea”.

Today though, I am not talking about that movie, but the concept of mermaids and the sea does in fact tie in here. In the past, I made an article featuring the amazing Daisy_Cosplay with her Little Mermaid Save The Oceans project. As you all have probably figured out, I am a huge advocate for saving our wildlife and protecting their ecosystems. The oceans in particular. So, this time, I have teamed up with Sabsi_Daum and her project #artistagainstpollution.

Her project is similar to Daisy’s with advocating for ocean protection and awareness. Except, instead of taking a cosplay approach like Daisy did, Sabsi approached this issue with art. That’s right. Art. She draws mermaids in a polluted environment to show how pollution can effect the oceans. She even created the hashtag #artistagainstpollution on Instagram and got fellow artists to contribute some of their work of mermaids in polluted environment as well. Here’s more of her story to give you guys a better look at what it is that she is trying to achieve.

“I never really thought much about plastic litter in Germany because, compared to other countries, we have a good recycling system. But, when I went abroad and discovered that this is not the case in other countries, that made me worry.

In the beginning of this year, I heard in the news that there is a huge plastic swirl four times the size of Germany. That was the tipping point for me. So, I decided to do something about it. I started to draw mermaids in an ocean full of plastic. Hoping I would make an impact with this art.

In May of this year, I posted my art for #MerMay which in itself was a coincidence because it was the thing that gave me the idea to start my project. What I do is draw mermaids in a polluted area. Once I got the idea up and running, I direct messaged so many other artists to see if they too would participate. Some drew their mermaids right away, while it took longer for others to participate. 

I also found some artists who already has a pollution themed mermaid, so I asked them if they could add my newly created hashtag to their works. Because the more people who participate, the bigger the movement.

In the end, my goal is to raise awareness to the fact that we have a major problem with pollution in our oceans. I’m only one person, but I know that if I can make this more known, it will have a bigger effect. Because things don’t change with just one person, it takes a village so to speak.” 

If you have an Instagram account, I definitely recommend checking out her hashtag. Again it’s #artistagainstpollution. Help Sabsi with her project by spreading awareness or even contributing some of your work.

We only have one ocean, we need to protect it. There’s no coming back once it’s gone. So, please, help save this beautiful ecosystem before it vanishes right before our very eyes.

picture credit:  Chyocojam on DeviantArt

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