Update: The Social Hobbit’s New Face Lift

Big changes have happened to The Social Hobbit! Read this article to find out exactly what happened.

Hey everyone! I have a big update for all my fellow nerds out there. I’m sure some of you have noticed, The Social Hobbit has a brand new look. That’s right, the website has completely changed. Along with this new look, there’s a major difference in what The Social Hobbit is about and what I cover on this blog.

Let’s get started shall we? I’m sure all of you are dying to know what is new and happening now with the changes here.

The Social Hobbit’s Appearance

In the last few days–well, more likely just yesterday, The Social Hobbit’s website has taken on a completely different look. Instead of the tired and a little bit wonky wannabe magazine look that I previously had, my blog takes on a whole new and fresh design! Immediately, when you find yourself on the home page of The Social Hobbit you are met with all of what I have to offer!

The Home page.

You will be greeted at the top of the page with two big, beautiful feature images of my featured articles. Then, below comes three more feature articles but in a nicely packaged thumbnail design.

After you get past the “what’s featured”, you will see three beautiful columns of medium thumbnails showcasing the latest articles posted. And the best part? On the image it has which category the article falls under. So, if you liked that article, you could easily find the category and find more of the same articles. And to top it off, I’ve added a crisp, smooth, and bright border around each title heading. In my opinion it really brings everything together. Which brings me to my next topic on the blog’s appearance

The Header and Footer.

At the very top of the website, you will find the header. I designed it to be simple, yet easy to navigate. You immediately see the icon for The Social Hobbit and along with it, the categories of what I write about such as:

  • Movements
  • Otakus
  • Gamers
  • Cool events
  • Tutorials
  • Reviews

I will talk more about these categories in a moment, but for now I’ll tell you that these categories are easier than ever to find. They are all lined up in a neat little row on the header for your easy access. Another cool thing the header does is as you scroll down, the header will come with you! So, if you wanted to click back to the home page or navigate to another part of my blog, it’s easy as one, two, three!

As for the footer, it’s just a basic footer, but with a clean bright design. It contains access to my article archives, a way to follow my blog, a navigation bar so you can get to the different pages of said blog, and featured video from The Social Hobbit’s YouTube channel!

The Social Hobbit’s Change of Direction.

Aside from the new look, I decided to do things a lot differently with The Social Hobbit. I am no longer having The Social Hobbit be a several niche blog. Truthfully, that was incredibly hard to keep up with. So, I’ve turned it into a blog that focuses on four major things I’m passionate about:

  • The anime world/Japanese culture
  • Video games
  • Food
  • Standing up against Bullies/Trolls

So that’s what this blog will be about. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who adores these things. All of you who are reading this (my fellow nerdy hobbits) are more than likely obsessed with these topics too. And what better way to express our passion for these things than through this blog?! What The Social Hobbit is about isn’t the only thing that has changed though, which brings me to my next topic…

The Social Hobbit’s new content!

That’s right! I have changed up what I’m posting and doing for this blog. I am still going to post articles speaking up about Trolls and featuring people/companies who need a little lime light or are making changes in this world. But, I’m also going to be centering a lot of my posts on the following:

  • Reviews on anime, manga, video games, merch, and movies
  • Tutorials on how to do different things from video game walkthroughs to cosplay tips and tricks.
  • Top ten lists and thoughts on video games, anime, and Japanese culture.
  • Features on cool places I find such as restaurants, museums, and trails.

Not only do my fellow nerd hobbits have that stuff to look forward too, but I will also be posting content to my YouTube channel very soon, so stay tuned for that!

Well, that’s it for this update! When more new content is released (because this is just the tip of the ice berg) I’ll give everyone another update. I hope all of you enjoy the new direction The Social Hobbit is going to be going in. If you have any cool ideas or questions be sure to ask me in the comments below!


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