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About The Social Hobbit:

The Social Hobbit is a blog that is centered around three things. Otakus, Gamers, and Foodies. The three things I’m most passionate about. I also cover movements I want to start and bring attention to. Such as Nerds for Change, and Nerds vs. Trolls. Any way I can bring attention to bullying and try to stamp it out, I will. With this blog, I aim ot talk about anime, video games, and of course, food. From top ten lists, to reviews I’m gonna cover it all!

If you’d like a feature article or an interview, just ask! My starting cost is 10 bucks. USD. Also, if you’re not much of a reader, not to worry! I have segments where I cover each of my topics here on my YouTube Channel. So feel free to check that out. And I have a shop where you can buy handmade nerd merch. So, feel free to look around and nerd out with me!

The Social Hobbit Staff:

20180619_143351 : Shania – Creator of The Social Hobbit.

  • Professional Cosplayer @SuperNovaCreations
  • University Student

“Ever since I was young I loved to write. I’ve also been a nerd for literally almost every fandom. Anime, cosplay, video games, you name it. So, I made The Social Hobbit. Where all fellow nerds can come together talk, enjoy articles and just have fun. Just have an escape from the real world. Even if it’s just for a few minutes.”